Kennel Management

Owners who chain or tie their dogs outside usually are not aware of the negative effect this has on their pet.  Dogs have an innate need for social contact with humans or other dogs.  Moreover, the hidden negative behavior and dangers such as digging frustration, destruction, aggressive fence chasing, escaping, injuring itself or another can result when tied up.

 The only safe and effective way to protect and manage your dog and those individuals who have access to your home is through quality kennel management.  Tying your dog out or the use of electric fence systems does not protect your dog.  When inside his own personal kennel, your dog can rest comfortably inside his doghouse, be protected from being stolen or attacked by a non domestic animal.  Play exercise and training is given when we are with our dogs.

A general rule is to never leave a puppy outside unattended.  Keep adult dogs secured inside a secured kennel system. 

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