I have been training with Mike Kelly at K9 Communication for over three years.  I have been through basic puppy training, socialization and now protection work.

My dog “Nasdaq” is a disciplined, happy, healthy and well socialized dog.  I can take him anywhere (and do). 

We took our puppy, a black, male standard poodle named "Beau", to Mike for training when Beau was only 11 weeks old, and it was the best thing we ever did.  Beau is now 2-1/2 and is exceptionally well behaved.  We are able to take him everywhere we go and he socializes well with both people and other dogs.  We owe it all the Mike, not only for the training he gave Beau, but also for the instruction he gave us!  Training is an ongoing process, but worth every minute.

                    David & Susan Meagher
                    Duxbury, MA

At fourteen weeks we went with Bozco to K9 Communication to learn how to raise a puppy. What we experienced was awesome! Mike worked hard to educate us while he utilized Bozco’s personality and natural abilities to help make him the well-trained awesome dog he is today. To me this demonstrated Mike’s unique ability to tailor our private training to meet our needs. Today Bozco enjoys working hard w/ his basic obedience and is now responding well to off-leash commands.

To us, there is no other training program that provides this type of personalized training to both owner and dog. It is truly the best and only way to go!!

                      - Sue and Rob Brodil


Ghost and his owners have just completed their first year of  training.  It started with  Mike Kelly training the owners how to handle an animal.  Ghost learns much faster than we do.  Any lapse in his obedience is the fault of the owners, not Ghost.  From the spring through the fall, Ghost loved going to the Sunday socials and the Friday night protection training sessions.  He loves to show off  all that he has learned.  We are all spending the winter months anticipating the spring so that we can continue with our training.  Henry and I still have a lot to learn.

                      Jean & Henry Welch

We're so happy with the results from Mike and K-9 Communications. People are amazed at how well Bailey obeys and responds to our commands. We highly recommend the puppy obedience course. Money well spent!!! Thanks Mike.




My name is Bailey Marie Connolly. I'm a five month Shih Tzu. My Mom's friend told her about Mike Kelly at K9 Communication Training Center. So the next thing  I knew I was enrolled. So far I have had four training lessons with Mike and I hear my Mom bragging about how well I'm doing. I know she is really proud of me. Everyone thinks this training is for all those big dogs but that isn't true. I'm just a little five pound tyke and I'm learning very quickly. I think I'm learning faster then my Mom but she will catch-up. Thank you Mike.  I think you are awesome.

Bud & Janet Connolly


1986 was a very big year for me. I purchased my first house, as well as my first Doberman puppy. When "Chelsea" was 16 weeks old, I began to interview trainers. Mike Kelly was the 5th trainer I interviewed and the one I hired. Since 1986, Mike and I have developed a great working relationship and friendship and many great Dobermans to be proud of. But first, back to "Chelsea".

In 1986 I had also suffered a spinal injury that eventually would leave me with a permanent disability. Mike worked closely with me so that "Chelsea" could be trained with the least amount of pressure to my back, showing me techniques with the leash using my feet. She trained beautifully.

In 1988, I approached Mike with a new challenge. My disability was now permanent. Could "Chelsea" be trained as a Service Dog? His answer was "Yes" and so our adventure began.

Mike worked with us and in a period of just two months, "Chelsea" was able to aid me in many ways. She could pick up any item I might drop, from a coin or credit card to my cane. She learned to pull the shopping cart thru the supermarket and get items off the lower shelves for me as well as carry light bundles in. "Chelsea" was Mike's first Service Dog and because of the difference she made in my life, I shared her with thousands of people, children and adults and hundreds of organizations from 1989 till her death in 1994. She appeared on Channel 5 and 7, on local cable TV programs and in area newspapers. The public had a love affair with "Chelsea" and when she passed, cards flowed in from all across the country because of the media attention. She was my Lassie in a Doberman suit and helped the public see her breed as the intelligent and loving dog they are.

Because of her, I started PARTNERS FOR THE DISABLED TM, sponsored by The South Shore Humane Society, Inc., and to this day, that program continues. Educating individuals and the public in regard to the benefits and rights of a Service Dog.

I have been a client of Mike Kelley for years. I have had all three of my German Shepherd Dogs obedience trained as well as protection trained by Mike.

It is nice to be able to take my dogs anywhere and not have to worry about their " manners" . It is also nice to have piece of mind that if I was approached by someone intending to do me harm any one of my dogs can and will, on command, come to my aid  and protect me. Mike has always been available to me for any questions/concerns and he truly loves my dogs.

We got Nikki when she was 7 months old and decided that although she was a highly intelligent dog, she needed to work on her behavior and socialization skills.  Nikki and Mike hit it off immediately!  Nikki now has the skill base that we work with on a daily basis, that as time goes by, shines through in her behavior and personality.  She is a very happy dog and will be attending Mike's socials this spring to further develop the stepping stones that Mike put in place.  Being a previous owner of an untrained German shepherd, I can honestly say - I didn't think these kind of well behaved dogs existed!!  Mike makes it a reality.


We thought we had done a pretty good job researching how to handle and train a puppy, but when we brought Bobbi home nothing seemed to work quite the way the books said. Fortunately, someone we met while we were walking Bobbi suggested we take her to Mike Kelly at K9 Communication. Thanks to Mike's training Bobbi has become a true member of our family. Mike's training has allowed us to feel comfortable taking her into any situation. We can never thank Mike enough for the relationship we now have with Bobbi.

AbigaleMike – thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, tools and experience with us and Abigale in our sessions with you.  From the moment we walked in for our evaluation we were impressed with the way Abigale responded to you.  We adopted her at the age of 2 and tried both training her on our own and going to a group dog training session (that we got asked to leave!).  You then came highly recommended through a friend who trained 2 German Shepherds through your program.  Abigale today is 100 times more responsive to us and overall a much happier and confident dog.

Our sessions were fun, informative, and we walked away each time with a better understanding of what our dog needed from us.  The training involved a lot of hard work and dedication, but worth every second.  Abigale continues to grow (as do her owners) and we couldn’t be happier with the results of her training with K9 Communications.  This photo was taken after Graduation Day.  Abigale is off leash during a hike on a cranberry bog and not once did I worry that she’d take off on me or I’d lose her attention to a passing rabbit!

I’ve recommended K9 Communications to friends, families, and even perfect strangers who comment on how well behaved our dog is now!  Thank you Mike!

Marilva & Mike Wedge


We recently completed basic training with our dog Rory.   MIke is incredible!   Rory began to behave differently right after the initial evaluation.  It was like she new the party was over!   We continue to work daily with her as Mike has instructed.   His techniques truly work and Rory has responded beautifully to them.  At seven months, she is almost off leash trained!!   She has become an incredibly well behaved and loving puppy.    We are even considering competing in Obedience Trials in the future.

 Thanks again to Mike,
 Donna and
Scott McLaughlin


After having some success with group lessons, we decided to take our now 9 month old long haired sable German Shepard "Maggie" to Mike Kelly in Norwell for training in September.  Maggie has a very strong drive and a desire to learn. After the inital evaluation we were convinced that Mike was absolutely the way to go.  We had successful holiday visits with family and it was a pleasure to see her interact with all, including small children and yet remain under control. We look foward to continued success with Mike and his techniques and while we are not perfect and still continuing to work with her, we are very happy to see her improving on a daily basis and enjoying life with new adventures and new friends.     

John amd Marysol Lamie
Whitman, Mass


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